Zombie Cocktail

Zombie Cocktail History Zombie Cocktail is one of the most popular Tiki cocktail, not only in the Tiki culture itself but all around the world. This cocktail is a hit in Hollywood. It was invented in 1934 by Don Beachcomber. You are probably still wondering why this cocktail has such a unique and strange name. But … Read more

Singapore Sling Cocktail

Singapore Sling Cocktail Tiki cocktail that impresses a girl… What should be inside of it? What taste should it have? It’s not easy to find the answers to these questions until you read our recipe. We learned about Singapore Sling Cocktail by a tiki barista from Singapore. Singapore Sling cocktail was invented in Singapore. In … Read more

Planters Punch Cocktail

Planters Punch Cocktail History There is beauty in simplicity. “Planter Punch Cocktail” is a famous and classic tiki cocktail. When you drink it, you feel this uniqueness of the classic tiki style. No one knows exactly when or by whom Planter’s Punch was invented. But, there are several ideas about this.. Fred Myers is a creator … Read more

Hurricane Cocktail

Hurricane Cocktail   Hurricane cocktail is very popular in Tiki culture. It is light, fresh and tasty which make life becomes much better when you drink it. It was invented during the World War II. All the grain was used for the needs of the army, so bars didn’t have much whiskey. But whiskey was the … Read more

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail We always like when people, things, drinks are beautiful inside and outside. One of the most popular Tiki cocktail, Blue Hawaiian with enchanting blue color and seducing taste. Blue Hawaiian Cocktail  was invented by Harry Yee in Honolulu, 1957. Harry was a bartender in Hilton Hawaiian Village.An agent from ”BOLS” company visited him and told … Read more