zombie cocktail

Zombie Cocktail History

Zombie Cocktail is one of the most popular Tiki cocktail, not only in the Tiki culture itself but all around the world. This cocktail is a hit in Hollywood. It was invented in 1934 by Don Beachcomber. You are probably still wondering why this cocktail has such a unique and strange name. But the answer is easy. Don wanted to create a Tiki cocktail after which even a dead man will stand up and he did it! People say that the result after  Zombie Cocktail equals the result after seven Manhattan Cocktails

The original recipe of Zombie Cocktail was not available for everyone. Only several Tiki bars and only some bars in Hollywood knew the recipe. After many years the recipe was published. So if you want to become energetic and shake your zombie cocktail as soon as possible. Here is what you need;


♦ Zombie Cocktail Ingredients ♦


Dark Rum – 45 ml

Overproof Rum – 30ml

Fresh Lime Juice – 30ml

Cinnamon Syrup – 30ml

Grapefruit Juice – 45ml


Sometimes people also add gold rum here, but that’s not necessary.

♦ Zombie Cocktail Preparations ♦

1) Add all these ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake it for 10 seconds.

2) Put some crushed ice into a Hurricane glass.

3) Strain the drink from the shaker to the glass.

4) Your Zombie is ready, you can decorate it with mint.


Sometimes people also add Apricot Brandy , Pineapple Juice and Papaya Juice. That’s the new version of Zombie Cocktail which is softer and lighter. But the original Zombie Cocktail is the one you really need.

“Promise me one thing. Don’t take me home until I’m drunk”, said Holly Golightly in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s“.

What did she do then?

Yeah, she ordered Zombie Cocktail.

So why not do it now ?

Just remember that 2 Zombie Cocktails will be enough to get drunk.