Singapore Sling Cocktail

Tiki cocktail that impresses a girl… What should be inside of it? What taste should it have? It’s not easy to find the answers to these questions until you read our recipe. We learned about Singapore Sling Cocktail by a tiki barista from Singapore.

Singapore Sling cocktail was invented in Singapore. In case you don’t know where Singapore is located, it’s in Southeast Asia. Singapore Sling is very popular among tourists who come from different countries to enjoy the tiki culture and tiki cocktails. Nowadays, because of the popularity, many American and European bars also offer this cocktail.

Singapore Sling cocktail was a transit point for the U.S. army during the Vietnam War. For this reason, American officers visited many bars and cafes in Singapore. “Once, a young American officer came to the bar and asked a barista to make something special as he wanted to impress his girlfriend with a unique tiki cocktail’’ said the barista. Barista was pretty creative and he started to show his skills to craft a perfect tiki cocktail for him. Luckily, his girlfriend fall in love with the cocktail. Other people were impressed and started ordering the cocktail as well. The barista decided to name this cocktail as a “Singapore Sling”. “Sling” means “commander” which they also called American officers.

This cocktail is pretty light, bittersweet and not very strong. It’s a perfect option for girls who just want to drink something light and exotic looking. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great drink for man who want to drink something smooth and not so strong. In any case, if you’re sitting at home and you want to drink something exotic and tiki or you just want to impress that girl from work.. Fill your cocktail shaker and be ready to create a delicious tiki cocktail Singapore sling cocktail.

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Gin — 30ml 

Heering Cherry Liqueur — 15ml

Cointreau — 15 ml

Pineapple Juice — 120 ml

Fresh Lime Juice — 15 ml

Grenadine — 10 ml

Angostura bitters — 2-3 drops 

singapore sling cocktail


1) Pour all these ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add some ice cubes inside. Shake it for 15 seconds.

2)  Strain the drink with a cocktail strainer into a highball glass.

3)  You can decorate your tiki cocktail with a cherry or a pineapple.


Even if you become a pro in making Singapore Sling, don’t forget to drink it in any bar when you come to Singapore. Singapore Sling cocktail is a must try in Singapore and every travel agent will mention it to their clients. But don’t drink it too fast. Relax and enjoy it. This tiki cocktail can be with you for the whole evening.