Scorpion Cocktail

Scorpion Cocktail is one of the most popular Tiki drinks. Long time ago it was a Hawaiian cocktail served with okolehao (a local moonshine). It was brought to the mainland from the islands by Victor Bergeron. Over the years, different ingredients were added to Scorpion but at the heart of almost every Scorpion Cocktail is a lot of rum and a little brandy and gin. To be honest, Scorpion is legendary, and there are so many ‘authentic’ versions of this drink that no one really knows what was the original.

Scorpion Cocktail is one of the most interesting drinks among Tiki cocktails. One could say that a lot of flavours make it an iconic Tiki cocktail. Scorpion cocktail is a mix of rum, brandy, citrus and orgeat syrup. There’s also gin but sometimes it is skipped or replaced with vodka in modern renditions. Bergeron suggested garnishing the drink with a gardenia but, in fact, a mint sprig will do just fine. It’s worth mentioning that the Scorpion cocktail was originally mixed in quantities large enough to serve many people – this way all drinkers could use long straws to sip from the bowl at once. With three spirits, this is already a strong drink so make sure you do not overpour it.

Scorpion Cocktail Ingredients

45 ml rum (Brugal Anejo Rum is recommended)

10 ml gin 10 ml brandy

20 ml lemon juice

10 ml orgeat syrup

20 ml orange juice

10 ml pineapple juice

1 sprig fresh mint

Scorpion Cocktail Preparation

1) Put all ingredients (except the mint) into a cocktail shaker.

2) Add ice cubs.

3) Give it a good, hard shake.

4) Strain into a serving glass half-filled with ice.

5) Garnish with a sprig of mint