planters punch cocktail

Planters Punch Cocktail History

There is beauty in simplicity. “Planter Punch Cocktail” is a famous and classic tiki cocktail. When you drink it, you feel this uniqueness of the classic tiki style.

No one knows exactly when or by whom Planter’s Punch was invented. But, there are several ideas about this.. Fred Myers is a creator of Myer’s rum which is a very popular rum from Jamaica. When he opened a new organization in Jamaica in 1879 he decided to create an interesting cocktail with this rum. His cocktail became very popular as everyone liked it. But some people also think that this cocktail was invented in St. Louis in the “Planters Hotel”  and that’s why it has this name. No one knows exactly, but the story about Jamaica has many details and almost all people think that Planter’s Punch Cocktail is a cocktail from Jamaica. But the main thing is that this tiki cocktail is famous and really tasty. It’s pretty strong, so don’t drink too fast and enjoy.

The story about the recipe of this Tiki cocktail is also pretty strange. This cocktail has several recipes and they are not similar to each other, both of them include dark rum though. You can try to make “Planter’s Punch” of 2 most popular recipes.

 Planters Punch Cocktail Ingredients 

Dark Rum – 40ml

Lime Juice –  30ml

Sugar Syrup – 15ml


The first recipe is stronger and it’s the original one ( as people think) . The second one is also the original one, but it’s more modern.

Dark Rum – 50ml

Lime/Lemon Juice –  30ml

Grenadine –  10ml

Sugar Syrup –  15ml

Angostura Bitters – 10ml

Soda Water – 40ml

Here is what you need to do with both recipes; 


Planters Punch Cocktail Preparation 

1) Pour all these ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes there and shake it until the drink become really cold.

2) Add some crushed ice into a highball glass.

3) Strain the drink into this highball glass.