Mai Tai Cocktail History 

mai tai cocktail

Mai Tai Cocktail is not just one of the most famous cocktails, it’s also the cocktail with an interesting background. In 1934 Don Beachcomber opened the first Tiki Bar in Hollywood. This bar was full of many interesting tiki cocktails which had dark/white/gold rum and different juices inside. In the same time Victor Bergeron built  Hinky Dink’s restaurant in Oakland. This restaurant looked like a hunting house. People could drink some unique Tiki cocktails there.

Some years later Victor made several trips because he wanted to be inspired by other Tiki bars. He came to Don’s bar and Don prepared him Q.B. cocktail. Victor liked it a lot and made almost the same cocktail at his tiki bar. People who drank it said: ”Mai Tai”, which means perfect or amazing.

Victor says that he created Mai Tai and it is understandable, right? But Don says that this Tiki cocktail was created by himself earlier, it just had another name and Victor just stole the idea. What do you think? Who is right? Leave the comments below.

You can drink this cocktail almost everywhere. But if you don’t want to wait for it…. You can create it yourself… You can use white, gold or dark rum. Sometimes people even mix some of them, for example you can add 20ml of white rum and 20ml of dark rum. You can also add 10ml of sugar syrup, because that will make the cocktail more sweet. But it’s not necessary.

Mai Tai is strong enough. It is pretty sweet in the same time. For this reason Mai Tai is unique, because you won’t find something similar. This cocktail will make you feel fresh, give sweetness and you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy one of the best tiki cocktails.


Mai Tai Cocktail Ingredients 

Rum – 40ml

Orange Curacao – 20ml

Almond Syrup  – 10ml

Lime Juice – 30ml 


Mai Tai Cocktail Preparation 

   1) Add crushed ice to the highball glass.

  2) Put all these ingredients into a shaker. Shake it. 

  3) Strain this cocktail into a glass. You can decorate it with a cocktail cherry or with a piece of pineapple or with a sprig of mint. That’s up to you !

mai tai cocktail