Lapu Lapu Cocktail

There are three famous variations of this popular cocktail. The oldest, as well as the most famous one, is the Chief Lapu Lapu that dates from the mid -50s. Chief Lapu Lapu was a Filipino chief that was one of the first to resist Spanish colonisation. The original Lapu Lapu Cocktail blends different rums with a variety of juices and syrups (orange juice, lime juice, passion fruit puree, simple syrup) . It’s usually served in a vessel sized for two. This beautiful exotic cocktail will please anybody who loves sipping cocktails on a beach. However, it is one of the drinks that will make you ‘see things on the other side’ because of a higher-than-usual amount for rum. Lapu Lapu Cocktail is very refreshing. It’s well balanced and tasty, however, some may say that it presents a ‘muddled flavour profile’ as some other Tiki cocktails do. Orange wedge and pineapple leaves add a great aroma and add to the flavour at the same time. If you like Tiki drinks, you will definitely say yes to Lapu Lapu.

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Lapu Lapu Cocktail Ingredients

30 ml white rum

30 ml dark rum

45 ml orange juice

30 ml lime juice

30 ml passion fruit puree

15 ml simple syrup Orange wedge / pineapple leaves for garnishing

Lapu Lapu Cocktail Preparation

1) Put all ingredients into an ice-filled shaker and shake well.

2) Add crushed ice to a serving glass and strain mix over (you can also pour a mix into a bowl or large snifter, then serve with two straws).

3) Garnish with pineapple leaves or/and an orange wedge.