Hideaway Honey Cocktail

This is one of the most unique drinks on the Tiki Cocktails list. An interesting combination of ingredients makes it a drink you will never forget. It is made of aged aquavit, lemon juice, honey syrup, yellow Chartreuse and a bit of Indian yogurt. Although yogurt is mostly a breakfast food for many, especially in the United States, it’s been more and more popular in the drinks menu in many countries. Drinks with a dash of Indian yogurt are often called the lassi. And while most people only heard about its sweet mango version, it originated as a spiced drink. In the Tiki culture, riffs on lassis taste best with gins and light rums.

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Hideaway Honey Cocktail Ingredients

45 ml barrel aged aquavit

15 ml yellow Chartreuse

20 ml lemon juice

15 ml honey syrup

15 ml Indian yogurt Edible flowers for garnishing

Hideaway Honey Cocktail Preparation

1) Put all ingredients into a mixing tin.

2) Shake and then strain into a collins glass over ice.

3) Top with club soda.

4) Strain into a serving glass half-filled with ice.

5) Garnish with edible flowers.