Engraved Shot Glasses – Tiki Cocktails

engraved shot glassesEngraved shot glasses look great. Glass looks elegant in any form.  The shot glasses add to the beauty of any bar. If it is a personalized shot glass, people do like to keep them, and adorn their bar with them. It is like a sweet little gift. Who would want to throw away a personalized shot glass? When friends meet, it is really a good idea to give shot glasses with the theme of the party on it. If there is a special event like your bachelor party, or your symbolic birthday that calls for a celebration, you can make the party unforgettable. Simply give away a few personalized shot glasses.


Are you planning to throw a party and organize it totally on your own?

If yes, have you thought about the favors or return gifts? Worry not, as this is not as difficult as it might seem to you.

engraved shot glasses

This is because the most preferred, and loved gift for any party is the humble engraved shot glass. Irrespective of the occasion, or the theme of the party, the perfect return gift at the end, is the personalized shot glass. If you want your guests to remember the great time that they had at your party, then opt for engraved shot glasses. This little piece of decoration will always revive the memories of the party, and stay with your guest forever.

You can select any kinds of shape, or colors you feel will be apt for the theme of the party. If you are buying in big quantities, then the supplier will give you a great discount on it. However, you can always find the best deals on Amazon. You can give your inputs and ideas on how the shot glasses will be. You could have messages written on the glasses. These could be good luck messages, or messages that match everyone in the party. For example, if friends are meeting over for a reunion party, the engraved shot glasses could feature their school’s line or emblem. This way the glass will always remind you of the party.

If the engraved shot glasses are for a wedding celebration, then one could etch the bridegroom and bride’s names.  A heart symbol is a good idea too. Furthermore you are making the glasses for a birthday party, then one could print the name of the person on them. You can print ‘congratulations’ to celebrate success, or ‘good luck’ for a farewell party. You can simply print the date and venue of the party too. They really add a zing to the party, and highlight the theme or event of celebration.