Tiki cocktails were created after the Tiki culture which is a 20th century style and widely common in United States. Tiki culture is on rise with Polynesian-themed restaurants and Tiki bars that use tiki mugs and tiki statues that are carved with Tiki mythology.

However, it was “Don the Beachcomber” based in Hollywood who made it fashionable all over America, when socialite culture was prospering. He made a number of signature drinks which are now famous along with other Tiki cocktails. Trader Vic also played a primary role in the introduction of Tiki cocktails in United States.

Famous music artists and Hollywood actors visited bars owned by Beachcomber and Trader Vic for their special cocktails. These special tiki cocktails were made in Tiki mugs mainly made from wood. The size and shape of these tiki mugs are also variable.

An interesting thing about Tiki cocktails is that after 1960s the popularity of these cocktails started to drop. Perhaps, people got bored of these drinks after they had been significant for long time. In 80s, the cocktails resurrected with a unique blend of modern touch. The use of sugary syrups became more evident. Slowly, the art of making Tiki cocktails became party of the pop culture once again.

List of Tiki Cocktails You Must Try

1) Mai Tai Tiki Cocktail

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Historically, Mai Tai cocktail has been claimed by two people therefore the classical recipes also differ widely. A man named Victor J. Bergeron has been rivaled by Don the Beachcomber whereas both has completely different ways of making it. Mai Tai cocktail is made from orgeat syrup, lime juice, white rum and dark rum. You can also use other fruits for garnishing such as lime shell, mint leaves and pineapple. You can also add orange curacao to the recipe to enhance it’s taste. It is simulating drink for spring and summer times when you want to take a break. You can also make it for gatherings and summer hangouts.

Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

2) Hurricane Tiki Cocktail

hurricane cocktail

This tiki cocktail comes from the 1940’s and contains higher rum level compared to others. It is a tropical and juicy cocktail for refreshing on a hot spring or summer day. Hurricane cocktail was first made in New Orleans by Pat O’Brien. Usually, it includes passion fruit, lemon juice, white rum and dark rum. However, now there are several variations of this drink. You can try different tiki cocktail recipes that are famous in other cultures. For instance, in Bahamas, there are variations that include Irish cream and coffee liqueur to arrange a different blend of Hurricane cocktail. You can try various recipes to make your very own Hurricane cocktail.

Hurricane Cocktail Recipe

3) Blue Hawaiian Tiki Cocktail

blue hawaiian, blue hawaiian cocktail, blue cocktail

Another famous and classical Tiki cocktail. Blue Hawaiian cocktail is a delicious blend of pineapple and coconut cream. Although it might sound like Pina colada, there is a slight difference between the two. Blue Hawaiian cocktail also includes a little bit of orange to the recipe for added tangy summer taste. You also need Blue Curacao and rum to finish it off. The color and taste are purely stimulating and exciting. For spring and summer parties, vacations or hang outs, it makes a great Tiki cocktail that you can make on your own.

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Recipe

4) Singapore Sling Tiki Cocktail

singapore sling cocktail, singapore sling, tiki cocktails

This tiki cocktail is different from others because it is a gin-based cocktail. What makes Singapore Sling Cocktail special is the fact that it started with a need to replace fruit juices from women. Therefore, it was focused on the feminine pink shade that is still an essential part of the drink. It is made from pineapple juice, lime juice, gin, bitters and grenadine. However, like other cocktails you will also find distinction in it’s recipe.

Singapore Sling Cocktail Recipe

5) Planters Punch Cocktail

planters punch cocktail, planters punch, tiki cocktails

Yet another classical, Planter’s Punch Cocktail was first made in 1908. It was first introduced in New York Times and became famous in short time. It is still not certain who the founder of this recipe was, but now it is made with various recipes all around the world. Mostly, it is made from fruit punches of different fruits like orange, pineapple and etc. Exotic fruits are used to prepare this tiki cocktail along with dark rum and bitters.

Planters Punch Cocktail Recipe

6) Zombie Cocktail

zombie cocktail, zombie drink, tiki cocktails

Zombie cocktail was first made in 1934 by Don Beach who was working in Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood at that time. In 1939, New York World’s Fair introduced the recipe to  wider number of people and it was received well. It is made typically from a grapefruit juice, lime juice, Jamaican rum, cinnamon syrup, absinthe, bitters and grenadine. The most interesting part about the Zombie cocktail is the fact that there have been many references to it in the popular culture and music industry. So enjoy the Zombie cocktail in summer knowing that it is a personal favorite of your favorite characters.

Zombie Cocktail Recipe