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Cocktail jiggers are a must have tool for your bar. Every bartender uses cocktail jiggers to measure the liquids they mix while creating an art. The material is a very important factor, for this reason, our cocktail jiggers are made by stainless steel material which makes our jiggers durable. These cocktail Jiggers will help you measure your cocktails and create your favorite cocktails with ease.  Our multifunctional cocktail jiggers comes in all sizes. Pick your cocktail jigger with the color that represents you and the size that meets your needs.. Our mission as a Tiki Cocktails family is to bring your high quality bar tools with great discounts and free shipping all over the world. We want our fellow passionate bartenders to comfortably meet their needs with the best prices on the market. Thank you for shopping with Tiki Cocktails and we are happy to have you in part of our family.