Barracuda Cocktail

Barracuda cocktail is a well known Tiki cocktail. It was originated from Cuba. To prepare this cocktail you will need a combination of gold rum, vanilla syrup and pineapple juice. Mix of pineapple and vanilla syrup will give a refreshing feeling while drink. Therefore, this cocktail is a great way to refresh in a hot … Read more

Missionary Downfall Cocktail

missionary downfall cocktail, tiki cocktails, missionary's downfall cocktail

Missionary Downfall Cocktail Missionary Downfall cocktail was made in California back in 1930s. It was made from peach liqueur, white rum, pineapple juice, fresh lime and sugar syrup. For a more refreshing finish, you can also add mint leaves for garnishing. This tiki cocktail will serve you with luscious taste of fruit with rum for … Read more

Donga Punch Cocktail

donga punch cocktail, tiki cocktail, donga punch

Donga Punch Cocktail Donga Punch cocktail is one of Don’s original recipe. This cocktail is made from rum argicole, lime juice and Don’s mix which consists of cinnamon sticks, sugar and fresh white grapefruit juice.

Three Dots and Dash Cocktail

three dots and a dash cocktail, three dots and a dash, tiki cocktails

Three Dots And Dash Cocktail Three Dots and Dash cocktail also originated in Don’s bar. “Three Dots and a Dash” means “victory” when decoded from the Morse code. It is made from orange juice, rum, bitters, lime juice, honey syrup and argicole. You can also add spicy syrups to make it more tasteful and striking. The … Read more

Test Pilot Cocktail

test pilot, test pilot cocktail, tiki cocktail

Test Pilot Cocktail Test Pilot cocktail is made from lime juice, Falernum, Jamaican Rum, Puertro Rican Rum, Pernod and Cointreau. This is a very careful blend of tastes that will help  you make the most out of your spring. It was also used by Don the Beachcomber who added bitters in his version of the … Read more

Harvey Girl Cocktail

harvey girl, harvey girl cocktail, tiki cocktails

Harvey Girl Cocktail Harvey Girl cocktail is a classical of the Harvey Restaurant from the 19th century. The special thing about the restaurant was the fact that they hired single women who were looking to start their independent lives which was rare back in that day. This drink is made from dry vermouth, chamomile syrup, … Read more

Nui Nui Cocktail

nui nui cocktail, nui nui, tiki cocktail

Nui Nui Cocktail As the information goes, Nui Nui cocktail was made by Beachbum Berry who “cracked” the secret recipe of Don the Beachcomber. Don the Beachcomber has made many Tiki cocktails which remain in fashion to this day. Similary, Nui Nui cocktail is a special drink made from orange juice, cinnamon syrup, vanilla syrup, … Read more

Daiquiri Cocktail

daiquiri cocktail, daiquiri, tiki cocktails

Daiquiri Cocktail Daiquiri cocktail originated from Cuba by a man named Jennings Cox during the time of war. However, there are still doubts about the original inventor of this classical cocktail. It has remained a famous drink ever since it was introduced in New York in 1902. Daiquiri cocktail is made from lime juice, white … Read more

Painkiller Cocktail

painkiller cocktail, tiki cocktails

Painkiller Cocktail Painkiller is a Tiki cocktail credited to Daphne Henderson of Soggy Dollar Bar who made this drink during the 1970s. It is made from pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream and rum. We would highly recommend using Pusser’s Rum to achieve the original taste of the cocktail. Also, you can garnish it with grated nutmeg. However, you … Read more

Rum Runner Cocktail

rum runner cocktail, rum runner, tiki cocktails

Rum Runner Cocktail Rum Runner cocktail is said to have been originated from Florida by a bartender named “Tiki John” in the Holiday Isle Tiki Bar. This Tiki cocktail is dated back to 1950s and is made from pineapple juice, blackberry liqueur and light rum. It can also be made from banana liqueur, orange juice, … Read more

Lysette Cocktail

Lysette, lysette cocktail, tiki cocktails

Lysette Cocktail Lysette cocktail is a simple Tiki cocktail, perfect for anyone trying their hand at the skill of making Tiki cocktails at home. It is made from 3 ingredients only: St-Germain, gentian liqueur and lager. The bartender who made the drink, Franky Marshall, believes that the less time you spend making the drink the … Read more

Lapu Lapu Cocktail

Lapu Lapu Cocktail There are three famous variations of this popular cocktail. The oldest, as well as the most famous one, is the Chief Lapu Lapu that dates from the mid -50s. Chief Lapu Lapu was a Filipino chief that was one of the first to resist Spanish colonisation. The original Lapu Lapu Cocktail blends … Read more

Scorpion Cocktail

scorpion cocktail, scorpion, tiki cocktail

Scorpion Cocktail Scorpion Cocktail is one of the most popular Tiki drinks. Long time ago it was a Hawaiian cocktail served with okolehao (a local moonshine). It was brought to the mainland from the islands by Victor Bergeron. Over the years, different ingredients were added to Scorpion but at the heart of almost every Scorpion … Read more

Hideaway Honey Cocktail

hideaway honey cocktail, hideaway honey, tiki cocktails

Hideaway Honey Cocktail This is one of the most unique drinks on the Tiki Cocktails list. An interesting combination of ingredients makes it a drink you will never forget. It is made of aged aquavit, lemon juice, honey syrup, yellow Chartreuse and a bit of Indian yogurt. Although yogurt is mostly a breakfast food for … Read more

Fog Cutter Cocktail

Fog Cutter Cocktail Fog Cutter cocktail has been invented by Victor ‘Trader Vic’ Bergeron on the Forbidden Island. Recently it’s been given a new life by Martin Cate which is the current owner of Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge in Almeda, California. Furthermore, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge has been enjoying a constantly growing popularity. Fog Cutter … Read more

Rum Swizzle Cocktail Recipe

rum swizzle cocktail, rum swizzle, tiki cocktails

Rum Swizzle Cocktail Rum Swizzle cocktail is a rum-based tiki drink. It is often called “Bermuda’s national drink”. Rum Swizzle is a blend of orange juice, pineapple juice, lemons, Angostura Bitters, gold rum and black rum. Rum Swizzle has been a trendy drink for a long time and its origins go back to the mid … Read more

Bloody Mary Cocktail

bloody mary cocktail

Bloody Mary Cocktail Harry’s New York Bar in France was created in 1911 and it has been an important location for the cocktail culture. There was an alcohol ban in USA around 1920-1933, so Harry’s New York Bar would be a go to place for people who missed drinking. Fernand Petoit, who was a bartender in … Read more

Zombie Cocktail

Zombie Cocktail History Zombie Cocktail is one of the most popular Tiki cocktail, not only in the Tiki culture itself but all around the world. This cocktail is a hit in Hollywood. It was invented in 1934 by Don Beachcomber. You are probably still wondering why this cocktail has such a unique and strange name. But … Read more

Singapore Sling Cocktail

Singapore Sling Cocktail Tiki cocktail that impresses a girl… What should be inside of it? What taste should it have? It’s not easy to find the answers to these questions until you read our recipe. We learned about Singapore Sling Cocktail by a tiki barista from Singapore. Singapore Sling cocktail was invented in Singapore. In … Read more

Mai Tai Cocktail

Mai Tai Cocktail History  Mai Tai Cocktail is not just one of the most famous cocktails, it’s also the cocktail with an interesting background. In 1934 Don Beachcomber opened the first Tiki Bar in Hollywood. This bar was full of many interesting tiki cocktails which had dark/white/gold rum and different juices inside. In the same time … Read more