6 Tiki Cocktails You Must Try

Tiki cocktails were created after the Tiki culture which is a 20th century style and widely common in United States. Tiki culture is on rise with Polynesian-themed restaurants and Tiki bars that use tiki mugs and tiki statues that are carved with Tiki mythology. However, it was “Don the Beachcomber” based in Hollywood who made … Read more

Tiki Torch Safety

tiki torches,tiki torch, tiki torch safety

Tiki Torch Safety Tiki torch safety should be considered when using a tiki torch. For all the fun and beauty tiki torches add to a setting, it would be imprudent to overlook the fact that, in most cases, we’re talking about an object that sports an open flame. As such, there is an element of risk associated … Read more

Best Gift for Whiskey Lovers

  Gift for Whiskey Lovers Gift for whiskey lovers are whiskey stones. Whiskey stones are the ultimate way to let the smooth rich flavor of your whiskey instead of melting ice. Stop letting water from ice mix with your whiskey. Whiskey stones will let you drink pack the full punch and be amazingly satisfying to … Read more

Wedding Shot Glasses

wedding shot glasses

Wedding is one of the most memorable days in the life of a couple. You gather with your friends, family members, and relatives. When the couple says the vows of marriage, it is a tradition to raise a toast to them. This is a symbol of good wishes, and happiness to the newly weds, in … Read more

Test Tube Shot Glasses

test tube shot glasses

Partying is a common thing in our modern societies. Everyone, including the young kids, teenagers, and adults are into partying. They often attend birthdays, graduations, weddings, family gatherings, and other parties. When you are hosting the party you should plan it well. Apart from the foods and drinks for guests, you should reward them for … Read more

Shot Glass Holders

Best Shot Glass Holders   Shot glass holders help you protect your shot glasses. Shot glasses are common appearance in parties. People use them for drinking wine or liquor. These are not like a usual water glass. They tend to be party specific. You can find shot glasses for weddings, birthdays, graduations and so on. … Read more

Engraved Shot Glasses – Tiki Cocktails

Engraved shot glasses look great. Glass looks elegant in any form.  The shot glasses add to the beauty of any bar. If it is a personalized shot glass, people do like to keep them, and adorn their bar with them. It is like a sweet little gift. Who would want to throw away a personalized … Read more

Personalized Shot Glasses

Personalized Shot Glasses make great gifts as they are little, unique, and will not break your budget. Some events in our daily lives happen only once. For instance, every year we have a birthday. You are given years of age only once. Thus, a birthday party is always a very special event. If you marry the … Read more

Flaming Shots: How to Light Drinks on Fire

flaming shots

Flaming shots are super fun to make, but you have to know how to do it.  Otherwise, your “professional” bar stunt will quickly become a flop! Basically, it boils down to knowing that: A) Alcohol is flammable. B) Shot glass breaks when heated. In general, follow these rules: Heat the shot glass up first, but … Read more

How to Choose a Wine – Tiki Cocktails

How to choose a wine is an important skill to acquire. Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to wine…and that’s a good thing, since there are tons of varieties to choose from.  From a Merlot to a Pinot Grigio, Moscato to Shiraz, picking wine as a gift is just about as difficult as … Read more

Like Coconut Rum? You’ll Love This…

coconut rum

Summer’s here–so you know what that means?  Tequila!  There are so many brands out there, and good tequila isn’t cheap, so let’s cut to the chase and introduce one of our favorites: 1800 Coconut tequila. The first thing you’ll notice about 1800 tequila is that it’s ready to drink before you even open up the … Read more