Becoming A Bartender – How to Become a Bartender

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Becoming a bartender, how do you get yourself your first bartending job?  It seems everywhere you apply, managers are looking for bartenders with experience.  If you’re looking for your first bartending job or becoming a bartender, where do you start?

Bartending School

If you don’t have bartending experience on your resume, first of all having a certification from a recognized bartending school would be your key to proving you know what you’re doing.

Know Someone

The best way to get any job, and especially a bartending job, is to know someone.  A recommendation from a current employee is the only reason many people even see an interview!  Never underestimate the importance of who you know!

Be a Server or Bar Back First

A lot of restaurants are set up this way:  Bartending is seen as a privilege and thus becomes a coveted position among many servers who work there.  If you go this route, expect to have to wait a while working as a server or bar back and gain seniority.  Only after you have proven yourself as a good worker and trusted employee will the offer for the bartending position come.


Rock Your Interview!

Companies often interview people to see if the personality is a fit more so than to gauge their skills.  An interview is no more telling of a person’s skill set than a resume!  If you do not have any formal bartending experience, talk about parties you’ve hosted at home, or drinks you like to make for your family and friends.  Find creative ways to show that you know what you’re doing! Go through Bartending training techniques by Tiki Cocktail.

What kind of bar are you aiming to work for?  What atmosphere could you see yourself in ideally?  Remember that where you start off as a bartender is not necessarily where you end up; first it is essential to gain experience!  Good luck with your job search!