Bartender Training: Intermediate Bartending Techniques

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Bartender Training

Bartender training techniques will help you mix your cocktails at home or anywhere which you can implement these technique the professional way. if you have a knowledge of bartending or interest in becoming one you should check out ”How To Get A Job as a Bartender” Intermediate techniques of bartending are blending,muddling, and floating. We have described you each of the techniques in detail.

bartender training


When you blend a drink, such as a frozen margarita. Add your liquids directly to the pitcher and add ice. Ideally, you want crushed or cracked ice. This is less work for your blender (your blender will thank you and last longer!)  Generally, the ideal amount of ice will just barely be seen over the level of the liquids. If you have what looks like an ice pile-up, you’ve probably got too much!  Sometimes bartenders start with a glass full of ice and use that as a measure, figuring that everything from a glass will fit AFTER blending if it fit BEFORE.  This isn’t the case!  Keep in mind that blending adds air to your drink, and that you will end up with a bit of extra.


Muddling is the practice of using a (usually wooden) rod to crush leaves, fruits, and sugar cubes that are to be part of drink recipes.  Generally, wooden muddlers are preferred for leaves, but there are newer plastic and metal models. Sometimes even with teeth, that are commonly used for fruits and other items.  Never muddle too hard! Point is to crush the object and release flavor, not to destroy it!


Floating or layering is a technique used in black and tans and some layered cocktails.  The idea is to use the back of a bar spoon to cause the liquid you are pouring on as the second layer NOT to blend in with what is already there. You can do this with liquids of different densities.