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Bartender resume is an essential step to getting your first bartending job. To write an effective bartender resume you want to take the skills you have learned on other jobs and translate them into bartending skills. This isn’t as difficult as it may sound and it could be the difference that gets you that interview, where you will earn the job. Let’s take a look.

Every job experience teaches up a new set of skills. Even if the job you are currently in doesn’t seem to have any lessons if you look hard enough you will find them. One skill you see often on resumes is the ability to talk to people, or the characteristic of being a people person. Translated into a bartending school this could presented as using advanced upselling techniques to increase the profit per customer visit. Bar managers love when their bartenders understand the value of upselling, it is a skill you need to make sure they know you have. You may also want to check out intermediate bartending techniques.

Bartending requires not only that you know how to handle people but also that you can help to resolve their conflicts. Co-workers and yourself will often get into difficult situations with each other and with customers. Knowing how to diffuse these situations is an essential bartending skill. Bar owners often look for bartenders with strong personalities because they need them to able to have a presence behind the bar that will discourage conflicts from even happening. Knowing how to resolve them is a skill all managers look for.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where your water glass never reached the bottom and the server was bringing you another coke before you even asked? Did you end up telling a friend about the place? Bars and restaurants are very cognizant of the fact that they need positive word of mouth in order to survive. If you can show the owner that you will exceed customer expectations and get them talking about the place with their friends you will have become an invaluable asset to the owner. Show this in your resume and you will absolutely get an interview.

If you have ever had to maintain an inventory, you have taken part in a skill that is essential to bartending. Inventory and stocking of the bar takes place on a near daily basis. The refrigerators and liquor shelves will need to be restocked daily and replenished at least once a week. Having the ability to stay organized and on top of the inventory is a skill that all bartenders need.

how to write a bartending resume

You need to spend part of your resume developing trust. Bartenders handle lots of cash and owners and managers need to be able to trust their bartenders. Bartenders are also usually given more responsibility than the rest of staff in regards to getting keys, closing the bar, etc. Highlight your money management skills, not to show that you know how to count, but to show that other managers and owners have been able to trust you.

When hiring a new bartender, managers and owners are often concerned about the bartender’s personality and skill set being the right match for the bars customers and employees. If you can establish the above skills in your resume you will have done a lot to assuage their fears and grant you a bartending job interview. The interview is where you will get the job but without a great bartender resume you can’t get the interview. Follow the above tips and you are already on your way to getting a fantastic bartenders job.