Rum House Caribbean Bar

Rum House Caribbean bar was opened in 2010 by Milan a Lucia Hava. Lucia Háva work with rum 10 years. She is Europe’s renowned rum expert. Lucia Hava has the best rum in Czech Republic. Rum House Caribbean is a small bar with huge selection of rums. When the bar first opened, it only carried about 250 bottles of rum. However, today, they have one of the biggest rum collections with 1333 bottles from all around the world. Although the bar is small, it’s very comfortable and cozy. As you sip your drink your eyes will gaze towards the rum collections on the walls.
Menu is very detailed, clean and easy to read. Rums are categorized by their country origins with a small description for each one of them. That way you can easily browse through the giant rum selection with ease. One of our favorites was ‘’The Wild Geese’’ Golden rum from Caribbean Islands.
If you have a hard time find what to drink, don’t worry. Two beautiful bartenders Lucie and Lucia got your back. They will prepare the most delicious cocktails and help you decide on what to drink. These girls are the rum experts of Praha! You can also find huge selection of Tiki cocktails in their menu.

Bermuda Breeze and Mai-Tai cocktail should be in your must try list. Rum is their hobby, so they will efficiently prepare your cocktail and put time into it to satisfy you.  However, if you decide to drink beer, this bar would not be a good place for you, because they do not serve beers. Lastly, this bar will help start-up brands to get to Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to visit Rum House Caribbean to have an awesome Tiki cocktail experience. As their motto states;