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Hurricane Cocktail

hurricane cocktail

This cocktail is very popular in the Tiki culture. They say that ” Hurricane ” is light,fresh and tasty, so the life becomes much better when you drink it.

Mai Tai Cocktail

mai tai cocktail

Mai Tai is not just one of the most famous tiki cocktails, it’s also the cocktail with an interesting background.

Zombie Cocktail

zombie cocktail

Zombie Cocktail is one of the most popular Tiki cocktail, not only in the Tiki Culture itself but all around the world. This cocktail is a hit in Hollywood.

Singapore Sling Cocktail

singapore sling cocktail

” Singapore Sling ” is a unique cocktail, it’s ingredients are not similar to any others. It creates the uniqueness inside, so probably that’s why every person likes it so much.

Planters Punch Cocktail

planters punch cocktail

This cocktail is a classic one. When you drink it, you feel this uniqueness of the classic tiki style.

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

blue hawaiian cocktail

The most popular Tiki cocktail ” Blue Hawaiian ” has flashing blue color and it looks enchanting from the outside. But it’s even more seducing inside.