What is Tiki Cocktails?

Tiki cocktails are made after the Tiki culture which is a 20th century style and widely common in United States. You can find Polynesian-themed restaurants and tiki bars around your neighborhood to enjoy your tiki cocktail . Tiki bars and pubs also use tiki mugs and tiki statues that are carved with Tiki mythology.

However, it was “Don the Beachcomber” based in Hollywood who made it fashionable all over America, when socialite culture was prospering. He made a number of signature drinks which are now famous along with other Tiki drinks. Trader Vic also played a primary role in the introduction of Tiki cocktail in United States.

It is said that many famous music artists and Hollywood actors visited bars owned by Beachcomber and Trader Vic for their special cocktails. These special Tiki drinks were made in Tiki mugs mainly from wood. The size and shape of these tiki mugs are also variable.

Tiki Cocktail After 1960s

An interesting thing about Tiki cocktails is that after 1960s the popularity of these cocktails started to drop. Perhaps, people got bored of these drinks after they had been significant for a long time. In 1980s, tiki drinks resurrected with a unique blend of modern touch. The use of sugary syrups became more evident. Slowly, the art of making Tiki cocktails became party of the pop culture once again.

But over the time, bartenders have started to adopt the traditional way of making tiki cocktails. More and more bars are using recipes from the original sources and using fresh juices instead of preserved fruits to make them.

Now that you know the basics, you need special ingredients and tools to make your own.

If you want to prepare a Tiki cocktail, you need a cocktail shaker and a cocktail glasses so you can serve the perfect tiki drinks. Mainly, Tiki cocktails have rum but some also use gin and brandy to make a strong drink. All of the cocktails are alcoholic, whereas some make better cocktails if you use particular brands of rum.

You need to have the standard tiki mug which make the Tiki cocktails special. By serving them in a special glass for particular cocktails, you will be making the perfect treat for yourself or your guests.

Tiki Cocktail RecipesĀ