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Hurricane Cocktail – Tiki Cocktails

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Hurricane cocktail is very popular in the Tiki culture. They say that ” Hurricane ” is light,fresh and tasty, so the life becomes much better when you drink it.

 Have you ever tried a Tiki cocktail strained in a 1/2 liter metal flask which form reminds a kerosene lamp of a marine rescue. But that’s how the original ” Hurricane Cocktail ” looked like in 1940s. Nowadays it’s not that easy to find it in this metal flask, but the taste is unbelievable, so that’s amazing to enjoy it even from a usual glass.

♦ Hurricane Cocktail Ingredients ♦

  • Dark Rum – 50ml
  • Light Rum – 50ml
  • Passion Fruit Juice – 50ml
  • Orange Juice – 25ml
  • Lime Juice – 25ml
  • Grenadine – 5ml

♦ Hurricane Cocktail Preparation ♦


1) Pour all these ingredients into a shaker. Shake it well for 15 seconds.

2) Put ice cubes into a hurricane glass. But if you have a huge metal flask, you can use it and feel like you’re back to 1940s and you’re somewhere in New Orleans drinking the newTiki cocktail named “Hurricane”.

3) Strain the drink from the shaker to this glass.

4) You can decorate it with some cherries.


hurricane cocktailThis Tiki cocktail was invented during the World War II. All the grain was used for the needs of the army, so bars didn’t have much whiskey. But whiskey was the most popular drink, people didn’t want to replace it with a rum.

Pat O’brien who had his own bar ”Club Tipperary” had the same problem. He had 50 boxes of rum but no one wanted to drink it. So Pat decided to be create. He mixed this rum with several juices and created a ”Hurricane”. This cocktail became a hit. Everyone wanted to get to Pat’s bar to drink this brand new Tiki Cocktail.


But Dale DeGroff says that the first “Hurricane” was made 10 years before Pat’s one. Dale is sure that this cocktail was created in the bar “Hurricane” which is located near the Big Bear Lake. He thinks that Pat has visited this place and that he has just stolen the recipe. We will never know the truth… But the fact is that “Hurricane” is that cocktail which will be perfect for you if you want something sweet enough, light enough and very tasty.

The original type of Tiki cocktail with 100ml of rum and a metal flask is a rare thing now… So it’s possible to make a smaller type of  “Hurricane”. But here is what you need for the original “Hurricane”.

But remember… That if it sounds like there is too much rum inside, then you can always make a smaller proportions like it is used in many cafes and bars now. Enjoy your Tiki Cocktail!



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