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Blue Hawaiian Cocktail – Tiki Cocktails

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We always like when people, things, drinks are beautiful inside and outside. The most popular Tiki cocktail ” Blue Hawaiian Cocktail ” has flashing blue color and it looks enchanting from the outside. But it’s even more seducing inside.

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail  was invented by Harry Yee at Honolulu in 1957. Harry was a barista in “Hilton Hawaiian Village”. Once an agent from the ”Bols” company visited him and told him that ”Bols” was producing a new syrup named “Blue Curacao“. The agent asked Harry to create a new blue cocktail with use of this syrup, as the syrup needed to be promoted. Harry started to mix this syrup with rum and juice… which he finally created a beautiful Tiki cocktail. Some people thing that he was inspired by the song ”Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley ” and that’s why he gave such a name to the new Tiki cocktail.

blue hawaiian cocktail

♦ Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Ingredients  ♦



♦ Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Preparation ♦

1) Pour the ingredients into a shakerShake it for 10 seconds.

2) Put crushed ice into a collins glass or into a highball glass.

3) Strain the drink from shaker into the glass.

4) You can decorate your drink with a pineapple.

blue hawaiian cocktail“Blue Hawaiian Cocktail” has a tropical taste. It is very popular in the countries with the Tiki culture and it’s also popular in Hawaii. If you want to drink something beautiful, sweet and tasty… “Blue Hawaiian” is exactly what you need!

The big advantage for many people is that it is pretty easy to create this Tiki cocktail at home. So if you are going to have a party or if you just want to create some tasty drinks… You’ll need just the ingredients below and 1 minute in total. This rewarding Tiki cocktail flavor is quick and easy!

When you drink “Blue Hawaiian Cocktail ” you automatically start to relax. It’s good to drink it during the vacations,somewhere near the sea when you listen to a nice light music in the background. But if you want to relax at home for some hours, that’ll also suit you perfectly!


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